Persistent increase of client list and ability to retain all clients indicate that Dipu Cranes Limited (DCL) is a supplement of every industries which need heavy equipment to execute works. DCL satisfies every needs of its clients by the industry best quality heavy equipment and spare parts it has in stock beside DCL not only generates revenue for ensuring best living standards of its shareholders and employees but also it is ensuring that government and people of Bangladesh can finish every constructional development works (where heavy equipment are used) at ease.


Dipu Cranes Limited exercises its business activities to deviate from import to export of all kinds of heavy equipment. DCL foresees to become a company which will manufacture heavy equipment & its spare parts, will become the most trusted company in the industry and will help the people & other companies of Bangladesh with the easiest way of finalizing every works. This in return will flourish the overall economic condition of Bangladesh as inward flows of foreign currency will go up than outward flows, People will become self-dependent, Companies will pay more TAX from revenue.

Brands we deal in